Entrypoint Script with Localstack and Docker-Compose

Posted by Miguel Lopez on Mon 16 January 2023 in localstack

Technical Stack: AWS, Localstack, Docker, Docker-Compose

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  • Docker, Docker-Compose
  • Localstack Docker Image


Localstack is a cloud service emulator that runs in a single container on your laptop or in your CI environment. Read More Here.

After reading this, your docker-compose will:

  • Run Localstack
  • Create mocked resources in Localstack upon launch
  • Local AWS services can be mocked at http://localstack:4566

Entrypoint Script to Create Mock S3 Buckets in Localstack

  • Create and paste the following content to start-localstack.sh. This will be our entrypoint scipt.
    • awslocal is a thin wrapper for AWS CLI that overriddes the AWS endpoint-url to localhost:4566.
    • When using the default aws CLI be sure to set the flag --endpoint-url to localhost:4566 manually.
awslocal s3 mb s3://hsl-local-terraform --region us-west-2
awslocal s3 mb s3://hsl-local-serverless --region us-west-2
awslocal s3 ls --region us-west-2
  • Pass the start-localstack.sh script in through our localstack container in the volume section.
    • All localstack entrypoint files are located at /docker-entrypoint-initaws.d/
version: "3.8" 
        image: localstack/localstack
            - "${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/localstack:/var/lib/localstack"
            - "/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock"
            - ./start-localstack.sh:/docker-entrypoint-initaws.d/start-localstack.sh
  • Start the containers using docker-compose up and observe the S3 buckets being made.
localstack-1  | /usr/local/bin/docker-entrypoint.sh: running /docker-entrypoint-initaws.d/start-localstack.sh
localstack-1  | make_bucket: hsl-local-terraform
localstack-1  | make_bucket: hsl-local-serverless
localstack-1  | 2023-01-16 23:43:34 hsl-local-terraform
localstack-1  | 2023-01-16 23:43:34 hsl-local-serverless

Access the S3 Buckets Across Docker Compose Containers

If you're running additional containers alongside the localstack container, you will need to access the localstack container using the URL http://localstack:4566. Any boto3 S3 client will need endpoint_url overridden for localstack.

If you're running commands inside the localstack container, then you can stick to localhost:4566 since you're not on the local network.

Full Docker-Compose Example

version: "3.8" 
        image: localstack/localstack
            - 4566:4566            # LocalStack Edge Proxy
        AWS_DEFAULT_REGION: us-west-2
        AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID: test
        DEBUG: ${DEBUG:-1}
        DEFAULT_REGION: us-west-2
        DOCKER_HOST: unix:///var/run/docker.sock
        DATA_DIR: ${DATA_DIR-}
        LS_LOG: WARN
        HOST_TMP_FOLDER: ${TMPDIR:-/tmp/}localstack
        HOSTNAME: localstack
        HOSTNAME_EXTERNAL: localstack
            - "${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/localstack:/var/lib/localstack"
            - "/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock"
            - ./start-localstack.sh:/docker-entrypoint-initaws.d/start-localstack.sh

Overall Benefits of Localstack

  • Developers can spin up a fully localized enviornment
  • Less $$ spent provisioning and cleaning up AWS
  • Isolated developer environments

I hope this guide helps you quickly orchestrate localstack next to your existing applications!

  • Miguel Lopez